With our move to dedicated machines, we have made some changes to the Minecraft Network and how it will work going forward. These changes are not drastic and mostly consist of resets to some stats, please read ahead before submitting a ticket.

(BTW you can submit tickets for bug reports, appeals, user reports, and other issues at out Discord)

What came before

Before we can explain what's changed, you need to know what we're moving on from.

The Minecraft side of Gravitas Networks (until this move) has been running on a pair of matched System X3950 M2's. Specs for the people that care: 4 XEON CPU's, 128GB RAM, 4x500GB drives. These were affectionately called the beasts. The Beasts allowed us to expand our range of available games from 5 to now over 100+.

Check out our list of available games

Along with these machines, we also had a Dell R710 and Dell R320 to handle our GitLab with CI/CD, databases, and general storage for services like our site and Dynmap.

These are amazing machines, and I am using the Dell servers for personal projects while the IBM SystemX's are in the process of being sold. (If you are interested in purchasing them, message me on either Twitter or Discord.)

What's going on now

So you've seen what we've come from, the next move is a massive shift towards dedicated machines hosted by OVH. The change in direction towards a dedicated provider affords us the ability to spin up a new server within 120 seconds. But in just 200 seconds, we can:

  • have a dedicated box spun up;
  • imaged with Centos 8;
  • installed with the proprietary software that allows us to cluster many machines together; and
  • have it connected to our backbone, ready to crush anything we throw at it.

Oh, and we can do this in the countries listed below:

  • Australia;
  • Singapore;
  • Canada;
  • Germany;
  • France (Gravelines and Strasbourg;
  • The United Kingdom;
  • Poland; and
  • The United States (east and west coast).

What's next?

That's a great question, random person!

The direction of the company has changed since its conception.
In the beginning, we sought out to only host a private server for one of our favourite streamer (now Gravitas partner), Bajo. Things have changed since then, and we now offer so many more services to so many more fantastic content creators.

Due to our move to new hardware, there are some updates to both Towny and Nato Realm that we would like to share.

First, Towny as this is only minor issues and changes:

  • The database for McMMO was unable to be moved, so we reset everyone. We are very sorry for this as we know some players had incredibly high scores.
  • Jobs was also another victim of DB corruption. Unfortunately, most people will no realise that they are without a job for a while. We suggest going down job alley to find your next profession.
  • This next change might seem small but will have the most significant impact. Towny is now taxing based on percentages. Recent changes like this mean that entities are now taxed based on a portion of their balance. People that have no balance cannot ever be kicked out of an entity for failing to pay taxes. However, because Towny is such a configurable plugin, you can change this easily if you feel inclined.

Nato's realm has some of the most significant changes start with:

  • A complete shutdown. Yes, you read that right, Nato's realm will be down for a bit. At the same time, we will be work with NatoPotato himself to introduce unique features that are very secret. We are very excited about what's to come, so stay tuned for more information.
  • And now the unfortunate news. The world that you have spent your hundreds of hours will be gone forever. The issue is that it has been through too many major updates causing corrupted chunks crashing the Minecraft server and bringing the host machine down to its knees. We will archive the files for the hope that later on, we will be able to play on it once more.